Saturday, June 28, 2014

60 Days Free Web hosting Trial

For every affordable cheap and free hosting service, we bring verified information; it’s upon you to do your due diligence on the available offers to make informed decision. Today we shall explore the 60 Days Free Web hosting Trial. With this package you get to try a hosting company for a 60 day period, during the sixty days you shall not pay any money until you are satisfied with the services from the company. After sixty days trial you now have to pay for hosting of your domain and related activities. With this offers your payments details like PayPal, credit or debit card aren’t needed, all these shall be required during the actual payment after the sixty days All capacity are limited to 1GB better with the trail version you don’t have to loose anything but have everything to gain. If you’re dissatisfied you can simply transfer your domain name to another hosting Company of your choice. If free trials aren’t good for you then consider the other free domain name and hosting services which also come with a limited storage space but are very effective for business promotion or still consider the 60 day trial web hosting

Consider payment options when selecting a Reliable Webhosting

When selecting a suitable hosting company a blogger or a business person needs to look at the reliability of the said company. There are many parameters to look at when checking on the reliability of a particular domain hosting company. One factor to consider that makes a company reliable is the many option of payments available to choose from, unreliable company will keep on changing payment methods from time to time, this not only will inconvenience users but can lead to domain expiration just because a customer couldn’t pay with the options available. A reliable hosting company will have major payment methods available that users can easily have access. Other options could be available with compromised security exposing customers to cyber theft and hacking. So when selecting a web hosting company consider the payment options available at your disposal that you can use without any challenges such as security breach, reliable methods of payments among others.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Free Website Hosting of the Day

We are going to look at some of the available and reliable free hosting companies that can get you started. Each and every company have got both the positive and negatives sides depending on how you utilize their services. So today let’s take a look at the and the features you can get as a registered member through their free hosting plan. The free hosting costing you know money with this company and if you have a registered domain name, but for those without already registered domain names then you will have to pay some registration free or transfer your already registered domain to cpanel web hosting at The data space the being provided is merely 1500 MB or 1.5GB, but since you’re testing their services I wouldn’t mind the amount of space being offered and after all I can still upgrade for a bigger space if there services are fantastic. With this free hosting account, as a user you’re limited to the number of sub domain you can have to 5, the number of email address is also limited to 5. Your Add-on Domains is limited to 5 and your ability to create more mySQL databases is restricted to 2. In general the Company provides a good platform for any beginner wishing to host their websites for the first time but also adequate for start up business for their online business and promotional tools. The drawback I see with the hosting plan is the limitation of the number of mySQL database to two if you are a heavy user and the limitation on the email address to 5 but these can be solved by upgrading to other normal hosting services from

Ask Your Self the following before joining Free Web Hosting Services

We like free services either to test the new environment or when we don’t have enough dollars to pay for some affordable hosting. These days we have quite a number of cheap and reliable websites registration and hosting companies available online. But before you join any of these companies ask yourself the following questions. 1. Why is the company offering the service yet you’ll be using their resources, remember they are spending money to have your site hosted for free. 2. Does the company have tracked record in offering free hosting services, how long have they been doing this. 3. For how long have the company been in existence to host such services without winding their business. 4. What would be the intention of the company to offer free or cheap hosting services 5. Do we have any testimonials on the current or previous beneficiary of the products and services Remember that some companies are about to steal your domain name and never fall for them but make some informed decision about the so called free hosting from some companies.

Reliable, Affordable, Cheap and Free Website hosting

Are you financially constrained to host your website pages, you’ve come at the right place to get all the information to enable you make the right decision. You feel like not spending a dollar on your hosting doesn’t worry we’ll provide you with the latest free web hosting that are reliable. Some free domain hosting services aren’t worth your time and we shall be bringing you the latest scams out there to steal your domain names, so always be careful when selecting any free and affordable website registration and hosting packages. We’ll be providing detailed review of each hosting package we deliver to our readers, your work is to find out if they are worth your time. you won't be disappointed with what we have to give you, take your time and offer suggestion where possible for us to improve for the betterment of the readers and customers