Friday, June 27, 2014

Ask Your Self the following before joining Free Web Hosting Services

We like free services either to test the new environment or when we don’t have enough dollars to pay for some affordable hosting. These days we have quite a number of cheap and reliable websites registration and hosting companies available online. But before you join any of these companies ask yourself the following questions. 1. Why is the company offering the service yet you’ll be using their resources, remember they are spending money to have your site hosted for free. 2. Does the company have tracked record in offering free hosting services, how long have they been doing this. 3. For how long have the company been in existence to host such services without winding their business. 4. What would be the intention of the company to offer free or cheap hosting services 5. Do we have any testimonials on the current or previous beneficiary of the products and services Remember that some companies are about to steal your domain name and never fall for them but make some informed decision about the so called free hosting from some companies.

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